Altaro VM Backup

Uncomplicated, powerful functionality

   A reinforcement and replication answer for VMware requires adaptability and capacity to give you trust in your reinforcement methodology. You should have the option to repeat information to an offsite area or a removable drive, to have the option to reestablish singular documents or messages, to reestablish from various focuses in time, to check reinforcement trustworthiness, and so on vacation.

Most importantly, you need a solution that:

  • Expels complexities from VMware to empower you to handily oversee reinforcements and quick reestablishes
  • Deals with the unpredictable setups and empowers you to oversee and screen reinforcements over all your VMware has in a solitary view
  • Permits you to move VMs into a set timetable and maintenance strategy
  • In a split second reestablish an email in a couple of snaps
  • Design robotized reinforcement confirmation for genuine feelings of serenity.
  • Supports different distributed storage suppliers – Through full local incorporation with MS Azure, Amazon S3 and Wasabi, Altaro VM Backup empowers you to effortlessly store reinforcements utilizing your preferred cloud supplier.

Exceptionally competent VMware reinforcement arrangement, moderate cost

   Convenience and moderate estimating doesn’t mean you’ll be confronted with constrained usefulness. Altaro VM Backup completely underpins VMware vCenter and permits you to recover singular records and Exchange messages directly from your VM Backup.

  • Worked for adaptability, permitting you to handily get to, oversee and screen various VMware has from single sheet of glass. No compelling reason to sign in to singular hosts

  • Host level simultaneousness incorporated with the item, giving you elite reinforcements over various hosts

  • Screen and deal with all your Altaro VM Backup establishments from a cloud-based reassure. More Info

  • Strong list of capabilities that will permit you to make an unshakable reinforcement technique for all your VMware has

  • Evaluated per have, not per CPU/attachment/VM

  • all day, every day support – at no additional expense

  • Free for 2 VMs per have, perpetually – our method of helping smaller scale organizations

Quick, solid reinforcements and reestablishes for VMware VMs

Multi-hypervisor support

   Altaro VM Backup supports both VMware as well as Microsoft Hyper-V, all from a single console. Easy.

Get started

   You will only need 15 minutes to get started with Altaro VM Backup. Just run the install wizard, select the hosts you’d like to back up your virtual machines for and you’re ready to start your first backup.

Explore Altaro VM Backup

   Download your 30-day trial (or Free Edition). If you’d like to learn more, sign up to one of our webinars with live Q&A sessions or view a 10-minute demo (no registration required).

  • Back up your VMware VMs to different gadgets and areas, both locally and remotely for offsite capacity over a web association

  • You can likewise back up Microsoft Hyper-V VMs

  • Back up live VMs without interference, set propelled pressure for your VM reinforcements and empower 256-Bit AES encryption for safely put away reinforcements

  • Spare to various offsite reinforcement areas – Enhance your information security by putting away reinforcement duplicates of your VMs in numerous offsite areas (for example, MS Wasabi, Amazon S3, Azure or your own offsite servers), notwithstanding your nearby reinforcement

  • 3-2-1+ reinforcement methodology – For extra information security, keep in any event three duplicates of your data:two neighborhood duplicates and at least one offsite duplicates.

  • Set adaptable reinforcement maintenance strategies for individual VMs

  • Reestablish singular documents and messages in a flash or recoup a full VM, quick – you can reestablish to an alternate VMware have, reestablish a more established reinforcement form, reestablish clones, and so forth.

  • Advantage from strong information insurance usefulness, including:

    – WAN-Optimized Replication – VMs can be consistently reproduced to a remote site, essentially improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

    – Back up chose VMs as much of the time as at regular intervals and significantly improve your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) through Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

    – Chronicle distinctive reinforcement forms separated from your ceaseless and day by day reinforcements as opposed to erasing, through Grandfather-Father-Son Archiving (GFS)

  • Use drive trade turn for truly removable drives

  • Advantage from two factor verification (2FA) in Altaro’s online administration stage, the Cloud Management Console (CMC)

Increased Inline Deduplication – Best deduplication in the business

   Vigorously lessen your extra room prerequisites with Augmented Inline Deduplication! Altaro VM Backup makes the littlest reinforcement size when contrasted with different sellers. All reinforcement occupations alternatively run Augmented Inline Deduplication and post-preparing is rarely utilized so you don’t have to assemble comparative VMs together for deduplication to run effectively. All the while, having less information to move improves reinforcement and reestablish speed, sparing you extra room and time.

  • Lower stockpiling prerequisites for VMware reinforcements

  • Less information to move brings about having quicker reinforcement and reestablish speeds

  • Variable Block Size gives the best effectiveness to deduplication

  • Capacity reserve funds will keep on improving as more VMs are being sponsored up and included!

  • Decreasing reinforcement size utilizing Augmented Inline Deduplication doesn’t burden on server execution.