APC UPS Power supply


     UPS Emergency backup power in combination with software and data loss protection solutions and hardware for the data center Enterprises at large, medium, and even home users. With a strong experience base and extensive network Provide energy management solutions With professional planning with complete maintenance and installation for a lifetime. with a commitment to innovation and has continued to develop both technology and personnel.


How to choose the size of an uninterruptible power supply UPS

     Buying an uninterruptible power supply is important to consider. Choosing the right size for use which has the following calculation steps

Select all devices to be protected with an uninterruptible power supply.
    1. Look at the details of how much power the electrical equipment uses. (See the label on the back of the machine or the manual.)
    2. Power value of each device by choosing to read the power in either Watt or VA to be able to combine the power of all devices
    3. When the total power is volt-amps or watts. You can choose the size of the power supply.
By looking at the VA or Watt size on the APC UPS body. Typically back up power is about 5 minutes. If you want to have a longer backup time, you can do this by
    - Choose an uninterruptible power supply with larger VA and Watts.
    - Choose an uninterruptible power supply that can connect additional batteries externally.

What series does UPS have?

1. Back UPS (Line Interactive) Suitable for home or office computer users (1 Phase : 1 Phase)
2. Smart UPS (Line Interactive) suitable for Network, Server, Workstation that require higher power quality (1 Phase: 1 Phase), such as SMC1000IC or SMT3000IC, etc.
3. Smart UPS VT (True Online) is suitable for Core Switch, Server, Storage, Medical Devices. General power quality (1 Phase : 1 Phase) such as SRV1KI or SRV10KI, etc.
4. Smart UPS RT (True Online) is suitable for Core Switch, Server, Storage, Medical Devices. that require the highest power quality (1 Phase : 1 Phase, 3 Phase : 1 Phase and 3 Phase : 3 Phase) such as SRT5KXLI-STR or SRT10KXLI-STR etc.
5. Smart UPS 3 Phase (True Online) is suitable for devices that require large backup power (3 Phase : 3 Phase).

The advantages of UPS is?

     Allows to save open jobs in a timely manner. Does not cause data and program operation errors Can Shutdown the computer system or turn off various electrical devices according to the steps Helps prolong the lifespan of computers and connected devices.