Internet phone system for business

     The transition from legacy PBX to cloud is now happening. And increasing rapidly So what is the true meaning of cloud pbx? The definition of ‘cloud pbx’ is simple as Internet telephony or pbx virtual branch running on the cloud like Gmail or Hotmail Email that we can use without investment. Just apply for the service That’s why we don’t need a PBX anymore, just buy an IP Phone or install an App on your mobile (IOS, andriod) or on your PC (windows, mac), you can use it to call immediately. With the desired phone number It offers autoresponder (IVR), voice recording (Recoding) and other features complemented by cloud telephony over the Internet. You will be able to use it like a normal calling system. But will have additional benefits such as future technology Advanced security Flexibility and the ability to adapt to constantly changing needs.


Support for use from anywhere in the world

     In addition to cost advantages, PBX cloud phone systems are flexible and accessible to businesses. As the technology is hosted in the cloud, your remote workers and your mobile device can access and use your phone system wherever you are.
     Cloud-PBX solutions designed for businesses Small, medium, and large companies as well as companies with local branches And abroad That makes the employees at each place Can communicate with each other with the same cloud system Workers can make and receive calls using corporate phone numbers, personal telephone numbers, or from computers, etc. Your employees working in the branch can access and use the phone system. As if working at the head office

Suitability for work