Contact center

Contact center

     Contact center It is the customer interaction center. Or contact center by email This is the center point in an organization that will be able to contact all customers. Contact centers usually consist of at least one online Call center or more. It may also include other types of customer interactions such as newsletters, e-mails, mailing catalogs, website inquiries, and chatting, as well as collecting information from customers during in-store purchases. Part of the overall customer relationship management of an organization (CRM), contact centers often have specialized software. This allows for sending contact information to a list of people to follow. And that can collect information at present, Contact center is considered as an essential component in many niche marketing.
     Contact center management is a way for organizations to manage the daily work of their employees at their contact centers and channels to support multiple incoming customer journeys. Contact center management Including employee forecast management And the timing of the agent Will be able to increase the competence of employees Including being able to add value to reporting The contact center will expand customer service in the form of Omni channel communication, including digital interaction. Which is necessary To integrate all systems into the seamless connection required by the organization.


Benefits Contact center

Customer Care
     The saying “Know your face, don’t know your heart,” but if you listen to the sound, feel the care and care Listen and try to help solve problems. Hot-tempered customers can cool down in the blink of an eye thanks to the correct and systematic customer care. The duties of customer care include providing customer information. Providing advice in the event that customers encounter problems of receiving – paying and distributing work satisfaction surveys on the service. Complaint receipt Listening to opinions on crashes. Some organizations also use the Call Center to settle debt.

Sales Representative 
     In addition to customer care duties From time to time, the call center staff may be required to sell or provide information about products the organization sells, such as introducing products and services. Notifying news in the event of a new promotion during that time Taking orders by phone Until the sale of products by phone In many organizations found Able to generate quite a bit of sales from this channel

     Some organizations are able to combine the skills of a call center agent with technology that support marketing, such as telephone surveys. Motivating customers to return Build customer relationships according to CRM guidelines, help organize special marketing events. Asking for a need Updating customer information to be up to date Including creating a good image of the organization

It is another channel that helps the organization’s work to be accomplished as well. It depends on the system implementation of that organization, whether it uses all internal Contact Centers or from external companies. To increase efficiency in serving customers more efficiently.

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