Cyber Security

Cyber Security

     Technologies, processes, and practices are designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attacks. Damage or unauthorized third party access In a nutshell, Cyber Security may be called cybersecurity.
     Maintaining Cybersecurity Of great importance Due to the organization Either public or private sectors collect Process and store large amounts of information on computers and other devices where they can be relatively sensitive, whether it be intellectual property, financial information, personal information, or other country information that other people have access to; or Unauthorized disclosure can have a negative impact on the organization. Because organizations often send sensitive information across networks and devices in their business operations. It should therefore be protected, especially in an age where cyberattacks become more complex. Cyber ​​attacks and digital spying are the most important threats to doing business.


Cyber ​​Security Types

Network security: It is the process of protecting the network. Or networks from users who want attacks and intrusions.

Application security: Applications require constant updates and testing to ensure they are safe from third-party attacks.

Data security: What is inside the network and the applications are data. Protecting corporate and customer data is another level of security.

Cloud security: Many files are now in a digital or “cloud” environment. Protecting data in an online environment is a challenge. That the organization should give importance to

Cyber ​​security working

     Cyber ​​Security detects, analyzes and searches for cyber attacks or resources. Conduct both internal and external surveillance To notify the customer or organization of the incident through specific processes and channels. To enable customers or organizations to respond promptly to cyber threats. In addition, it also serves to audit the cyber security surveillance information system to be effective and ready to provide services, in simple terms, it is a career that serves to maintain the security of the Network system. There


Outstanding features


Here, it must be emphasized that Cyber ​​Security is an important issue and that every organization, whether public or private, should take it seriously. Even today we have a Cyber ​​Act, but that seems to solve the problem at the end of the incident and not on the spot. Ideally, investing in a technology system that can seriously make us cybersecurity would be a better choice. You, entrepreneurs and executives should consider this matter carefully for your business data security.

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