IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange)

     IP PBX, or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, developed to support Unified Communication. That can support all types of communication that is packet-switched over the Internet protocol network, the IP PBX is a communication innovation that has revolutionized the telecommunications technology. It also plays an important role in a globalized business communication where it communicates with customers, offices or branches spread across the world at a lower cost than traditional systems. IP PBXs are also compatible with Traditional phone systems are connected via VoIP Gateway, making them easier to use and lower costs. Because they can be installed and used without the need for wiring or completely new systems. This is different from the past that the organization had to set up a separate system separate from the telephone network. If more visual communication and information are required


Working together

     IP PBX can be used with IP Phone, which includes both traditional telephone-like hardware. But use for VoIP and soft phone that is software installed on the computer. It has a GUI-style user interface and works with a wide variety of common microphones and headphones, according to the software developer.

UC (Unified Communications)

     Combining data communication Picture and sound in network system both inside and outside The target audience of the UC market is telephony systems (IP and PBX), Email, unified messaging, IM / Presence, mobility, contact center and video conferencing (audio, video and web) with these unified communication tools. Enable every business to connect and connect with any device, wherever and whenever.
     Collaboration through Unified Communications It greatly improves efficiency and effectiveness to the organization. While the cost of the expenses decreased. With this new way Make the organization more advanced in digital age
     Connecting people in a simpler and more flexible way. People can work together seamlessly using the most efficient medium without restrictions. In technology, physical spacing and equipment Reduce communication costs


Benefits or advantages of an IP PBX system


IP PBX is a phone system that is used over the Internet. To put it simply, use your phone to connect to the network like a computer. It saves you the cost of long distance calls. It can make calls via the Internet in VoIP format, supports text communication. Video and audio Can change or move the location of the phone number more conveniently and faster.

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