Logitect GROUP
     GROUP, an affordable video conferencing system for mid to large meeting rooms, supports video collaboration anytime, anywhere. It’s as easy to use as a mobile phone and costs about as an office chair, so you can include everything. People enter into conversation easily.
     Clear video images and a beautifully designed full-duplex speaker provide an immersive experience. Unparalleled collaboration supports conversations with all People can do a great job just by connecting a laptop and starting a meeting or using a modern speaker. Equipped with a mobile device that supports Bluetooth® wireless technology for crystal clear conversations.

Simplicity in plug and play
     USB connection plug-and-play Facilitating GROUP installation and use, simply connect GROUP to your conference room computer or laptop via a USB cable and you are ready to start. Use GROUP with any video conferencing software. Including software you already use For crystal clear conversations Pair your mobile device with the GROUP speakerphone using Bluetooth® wireless technology.


Choice for a wide range of applications
     Customize the system to suit the layout and size of the room. Mount the camera on a table, stand, or wall, optional expansion microphone. It extends coverage up to 8.5 m. Use an optional 10 m or 15 m cable to extend the connection to speakerphone or camera.

High definition video
     Bring your meetings to life with GROUP’s premium lenses. 10x zoom without loss of resolution and HD 1080p / 30. Capture presenters and whiteboards in full pan / tilt. perk And zooms in every detail clearly GROUP’s wide 90 ° viewing angle offers good coverage for medium and large conference rooms. Ready to pan and tilt – tilt the camera to cover all areas

logitech group meeting

Natural sound system
Everyone can hear conversations clearly with GROUP’s full-duplex speakers, which deliver clear, true-to-life sound. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies make conversations sound natural. Free from echo and ambient noise