What is a network
     Network, or often referred to as the network (network) is a group of computers or various communication devices that are connected to each other for users in the network. Can communicate Exchange information And can share various devices in the network Examples of networks that we are familiar with are telephone networks. Satellite network Radio network Or computer network The channels used to communicate with each other are called communication channels.
     Creating a computer network (computer network) is to bring two or more computers. Let’s connect by cable. It helps in the work of networking.
     Networks range from small sizes that are connected by just a few computers. For use in the home or in a small company to a global network that covers almost every country. Currently the largest network is Internet network


Network system elements
switch is a device that acts as a controller for the connection between the server and the computer. To the printer And other devices used in the network So that the network can share resources Or can share the use of resources between each other
router is a device that serves to connect multiple networks together. It can also connect computers on the network to the Internet.
Access Point is an access point that allows the network to support a large number of devices. For extending the network access to a longer distance, for example expanding the range of Wifi usage.
     Network is a system that allows information to be transmitted more easily and quickly. However, the organization or service provider must maintain and manage the system to work and be able to always respond to the connection. Because if the server crashes or the system crashes Will have a large impact on users In addition, network service providers also have to take into account the security and personal information of users as well.

Network formats can be divided into 3 types as follows
LAN (Local Area Network) is a group of computers that are connected to each other in a confined space. Such as inside an office building Or inside the factory Most of them use a cable to communicate with each other.
MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is the introduction of multiple LANs with neighboring areas to be connected to a larger size. For example connected in the city Or in the province, etc.
WAN (Wide Area Network) is a broad group of computers that are connected to each other. Possibly domestic Or internationally, it is the use of multiple LANs or MANs that are in different areas connected to each other, such as the office in which New York is connected to London. May be used from the telephone line until the satellite.
International network (International Network) Is a network used for international contacts Using cable or satellite
SAN (Small Area Network) It is a group of computers that are connected in a very small area. It could be in a home or a small office where the number of computers should not be more than 10 for the team to contact you back.


Benefits from using network