Video Conference

     A kind of communication system That can receive – send image data (Delegates and presentations) and audio data Between point-to-point or point-to-point via an IP (IP) or ISDN (ISDN) communication system, which is a kind of two-way interaction, or simply, a teleconference system. The combination of video and audio as if having a meeting in the same room. Important equipment of the Video Conference (video conferencing).


Software Conference

Microsoft Teams or MS Teams
    A medium of communication platform for organizations and individuals. That are used to communicate and work in various fields Such as contacting a meeting Announcing and following news Developed by Microsoft. Which is intended to replace Skype (For Business)

     Zoom, in addition to being a medium for long distance communication, Zoom also offers a wide range of solutions to its users. And is the top teleconferencing system With over 100 million users in 180 countries, Zoom Cloud Meetings is also available as a free download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Google Hangouts
     One of Google’s chat applications, which replaces the Google Talk app, in addition to chatting and chatting. Also has the ability to make group video calls For use in business meetings Which will connect your team from anywhere. On your device, phone, tablet, or on your computer.

Why use a video conference system

     Currently, video conference systems are widely used in government and private organizations and organizations. Because they saw the benefits of the video conferencing system That allows you to not waste time on the go. And also save on travel costs And other hidden expenses such as fuel, allowance and accommodation expenses when going to a city or abroad, etc.
     In addition, the meeting to discuss various matters in the past requires an appointment of relevant persons or departments. In order to attend the meeting together at the same place, date and time as specified This is a waste of time and a waste of budget and money. In allowing everyone to attend the meeting at the same time But with a video conferencing system via a monitor or video conferencing Allows everyone to join the meeting from anywhere and anytime by connecting with communication devices such as smartphones and tablets via the Internet network.

Why is it necessary for a conference?