Voice recorder

     Businesses with frequent phone calls Such as hotel booking business Tourism business Securities trading business In the stock market And businesses that require staff to answer questions about the company’s products and services It is very important that those employees Must be developed, trained The conversations interact with customers in a systematic manner and create a good impression in dealing with business. In order to keep customers coming back to use the service continuously
     The importance of telephone conversation recorders is that executives can know the facts. From the wording of the conversation of the staff Salesperson with customers That there is meekness Understand the company’s products and services or not to provide impressive service to customers? What are some improvements? In order to make the customers impressed with the company and have stable business trading forever.


The working principle of the voice recorder

         When the signal cable is connected to the voice recorder Voice recorder will be able to record the sound. Only when the audio recording conditions are met In this section, it is called Record Mode, which is the configuration that you want the voice recorder to work only when the value is matched in any mode, such as Voice mode, the device will start recording since the earpiece is raised (in case of calling) Start recording incoming calls Since the first Ring back tone is heard and the recording will end when there is no conversation or no sound coming into the system, Voltage mode will start recording by detect from the volt of that channel. The machine will start recording from the ear. In case of calling The device will start recording only when receiving a call, unlike Voice mode, Key mode, this mode is a custom recording by pressing the Key that we set. To record and press the Key that we set to stop recording when the recorder is in use. We can choose a storage channel that we want all of these audio files to be saved on one computer within the same network. This will make it easier to find audio files in the event that the customer’s office or organization. Install multiple voice recorders Because you don’t have to waste time looking for audio files one by one We can find the audio files of every device through a single computer that is used to store data, etc., and when the space in the voice recorder is almost full The system will erase the data to allow enough space to record the next recording.

Outstanding Features